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Every March, coworkers, friends, and families join together to help kids & young adults with cancer across the country.

1. Sign up to start a bracket pool or join an existing team!

2. Spread the word to friends/family/coworkers! When people join your pool, their buy in is donated to create mentorships for kids and young adults with cancer. Every $250 raised creates a new friendship moment for a Connecting Champions participant.  We’ll send you updates throughout the year on the moments you made possible!

3. Watch the competition heat up! Follow along on our bracket platform to see how you fare against your own pool and the whole Connecting Champions pool.

Psssst…. Not interested in basketball? You can still join and simply crowdfund with friends and family to sponsor participants in Connecting Champions! 


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Our Goal: $35,000, 140 friendships


68 basketball teams. 67 games. And after all that, one team, and one bracket, reign supreme. Congratulations to the Kansas Jayhawks on their national championship, and an equally big congratulations to Lily, our official 2022 March to Friendship bracket champion!

Most importantly, though, a huge thank you to all of you who participated in this year’s March to Friendship. This year we raised, thanks to 385 donors like you, over $36,000, which will go such a long way toward creating transformational experiences for children who have cancer — and for their role models — all around the country. We believe that every child who has cancer should have a chance to build a life-changing connection with somebody they want to be like when they grow up. Whether you are a March to Friendship “Diaper Dandy” (basketball-term for a talented 1st-timer), or a March to Friendship “Super-Senior” (basketball-term for someone with many years of experience), we are honored to have had your support, as we seek to make that goal a reality! 

It is a joy, every year, to channel the spirit of March Madness toward the creation of a better world, with you. We hope that Connecting Champions, and this fundraiser in particular, has carved out permanent real estate in your heart. To some extent, the month of March is about St. Patrick’s Day, and the beginning of Spring. But for us, March wouldn’t be March without this event, and supporters like you. If your bracket, like mine, struggled mightily this year — no need to fear. We look forward to Selection Sunday 2023, when the quest for eternal bracket glory will commence once more!

With love and gratitude,

Lex Rofeberg, Founder of the March to Friendship, and the whole Connecting Champions team

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February 20th – March 16th
Register for the March to Friendship – start your own pool or join an existing

March 17th 
Selection Sunday — brackets are live

March 21st (Noon Eastern)
Deadline to submit brackets

March 1st to March 31st
Donate & sponsor every kid and young adult!

Highlights from the 2023 March to Friendship

Total raised: $32,699

Friendship moments sponsored: 130

Featured Friendships

Ezra dreams of one day being in space. With the help of his mentor, Jordan, the sky’s the limit for our future astronaut.
– Space Explorer
Age: 9
Eden loves decorating cakes and hopes to one day be a professional baker and cake decorator. After meeting Rita, she found someone who matches her passion.
– Cake Decorator
Age: 12
Isabelle loves learning new things from her mentor, Anita. Whether she is getting information from a PowerPoint virtually or visiting a cat clinic in-person, Isabelle learns something new every time she talks to Anita.
– Vet tech
Age: 20
Cooper’s dream is to be one of the next great authors. His mentor, author and recipient of the 2016 Oklahoma Book Award Alton, is helping him reach those goals!
– Author
Age: 9
Jordan dreams of one day being able to go to work and talk about sports live on-air all day. When he got paired with Dan from the Washington Wild Things, we knew this would open the door to a multitude of possibilities for Jordan.
– Sports Broadcaster
Age: 24
Myla and her mentor, Georgetown student Caroline, love simply having fun. Whether they are completing their unicorn sticker book together or playing “Myla Trivia,” a jeopardy game all about Myla, created by Myla, these two friends can always be found smiling when they’re together.
– Friend role model
Age: 10

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