Volunteers are the heart of our organization​

Through our in-person and virtual friendship programs, we’ve paired children and young adults (ages 3-26) with mentors from over 50 different career paths, such as fashion design, robotics, and ghost hunting. Kids and young adults explore professions, continue to grow, reclaim their identity, and envision life beyond cancer.

Visits are all virtual now and take place on a weekly to monthly basis, for a minimum of six months. One of our program staff is on every call.

Picture is pre-pandemic

We send “passion project supply kits” —  such as parts to build & program a robot — before each visit. That way the mentor can, over video, give the kid or young adult a hands-on, behind-the-scenes way to explore their passion. 

Picture is pre-pandemic

During months of little social support, poor health, and frozen development, we provide essential stability, consistency, and hope in the form of friendship and mentorship. We are there, virtually, in and out of the hospital, during treatment and into survivorship.

Our mentors help young adults develop actionable post-cancer plans and they help kids dream about what they want to be when they grow up.

There is always someone looking for a mentor

Below are mentors who the kids or young adults have specifically requested. For professions not yet listed, we have a pipeline so as soon as a kid/young adult tells us they share that passion, we have a mentor waiting for them.

Some mentors we're looking for:

Volunteer Requirements

We require all volunteers to be at least 20 years old or sophomores in college.

Volunteers must have (and we can help get them) relevant background checks.

Volunteers must be approved by our program staff.

(Steps to becoming approved as a volunteer)

  1. Fill out online volunteer application by clicking “Apply or Learn More” above.
  2. Send documentation of background checks to Volunteering@connectingchampions.org
    (if you do not have them yet, email us and we will help you get them)
  3. Connecting Champions staff will reach out to you if/when we have a participant who shares your passion
  4. 30 min. interview with Connecting Champions staff (we will reach out to find a time)

See what other mentors say:

Personally, I felt that if we could take Adrian’s mind off of the reason he was there, we succeeded that day. And if we were able to do that just once, it was all worth it.

Will M.
– Pokemon Trainer

It provides kids, with hope. It provides them with living their dreams. It opens up doors that may have been locked.

– Chef

Reach Out to Us

Or contact Friendship@ConnectingChampions.org / 412.376.3755