Mentors are the heart of our organization

Through the Connecting Champions mentoring program, we’ve paired children and young adults (ages 3-26) with mentors from over 100 career paths such as fashion design, robotics, trades, and entrepreneurship. Our mentors give young people who have or had cancer the opportunity to achieve a brighter future. We help them acquire skills/knowledge, find direction, or simply pursue their passions.

Whether you think you have the coolest job in the world or most mundane, chances are a young person wants to be like you when they grow up.

participant and mentor

There is always someone looking for a mentor

Visits are mostly virtual with optional in-person meetings. Participants meet with their mentors on a weekly to monthly basis, for a minimum of six months. One of our program staff is on every call.

For participants who want hands-on experiences from the comfort of a hospital bed or home, we send “passion project supply kits” such as parts to build & program a robot. That way the mentor can, over video, give the kid or young adult a hands-on, behind-the-scenes way to explore their passion. 

participant and mentor

During months of little social support, poor health, and frozen development, we provide essential stability, consistency, and hope in the form of friendship and mentorship. We are there, virtually, in and out of the hospital, during treatment and into survivorship.

Our mentors help young adults develop actionable post-cancer plans and they help kids dream about what they want to be when they grow up.

Volunteer Requirements

We require all volunteers to be at least 20 years old or sophomores in college.

Volunteers must have (and we can help get them) relevant background checks.

Volunteers must be approved by our program staff.

(Steps to becoming approved as a volunteer)

  1. Fill out online volunteer application by clicking “Apply or Learn More” above.
  2. Send documentation of background checks to
    (if you do not have them yet, email us and we will help you get them)
  3. Connecting Champions staff will reach out to you if/when we have a participant who shares your passion
  4. 30 min. interview with Connecting Champions staff (we will reach out to find a time)

See what other mentors say:

Baylee and mentor

“It’s really special. For me, getting to meet with Baylee is what I look forward to every single week.”

– Mentor
Sabrina and mentor, Ben

“I think that I can do two things for Sabrina: (1) Be someone else for her to talk to about something she likes. (2) Be someone who can get her moving forward in something she’s passionate about, something
she wants to do.”

– Mentor
Casper and mentor Jess

“What first was an exploration of artistic engagement has slowly evolved into a friendship of pursuing life through the lens of art. I am profoundly lucky to have this relationship that reignites my passion for creating and for the life in front of me.”

– Mentor

Frequently Asked Questions

A good mentor should be excited to share what they’re passionate about. They should be able to commit to at least six months. They should be a good listener. Reliable. Understanding.

All mentorships are starting virtual, however we do have protocol in place for in-person meetings.

Connecting Champions does due diligence to set everyone up for success, including but not limited to matching mentors and participants based on personality, not just interests. You’ll also never be alone on the call – someone from our organization will always be on the call to help facilitate relationship building. We’re available before and after calls for reflection and planning, too. Rarely, a relationship just doesn’t click – we’re here to help find the right fit for everyone.

Mentor visits vary depending on the participant, their interests, age, etc. However, you can expect to share in your passions and interests, listen, play games or do other activities. We often order and ship supplies related to the kid or young adult’s field of interest so they and their mentor can learn over video.

We will manage all logistics – back and forth communication and scheduling, we provide real-time support (pre- or post-meeting planning as well as being present on all calls), and we can order supplies and activities that mentors think would help build each friendship.

We ask our mentors for a minimum of one hour a month for six months. On average, mentorships meet 1-3 times per month.

Yes, you can! Everyone needs to apply separately and complete all liability forms and background checks.

Definitely – it’s not uncommon for us to invite guest speakers to share their experience and expertise.

Reach Out to Us

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