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In the Children’s hospital infusion room where the kids come to get labs, chemotherapy, and blood products- the patients just love when Sloane is here. And if she is not here, they are always asking where she is or when she will be around. The kids just LOVE her and their mentors.

We have seen that instead of going to sleep or sitting on electronics their whole visit, they now are interactive, talkative, and playing games. The parents also really enjoy their time with Sloane and all the mentors. It is so nice to see these kids making lifelong connections with their mentors and looking forward to their future.

Christy Glass BSN, MSN, PPCNP-BC
– WVU Medicine Children’s Pediatric Blood and Cancer Center

Connecting Champions staff members have the opportunity to spend time and build rapport with the patients without juggling multiple patients both inpatient and outpatient. They can truly be present with the families and patients which is incredibly important. They have the opportunity to connect the hospital setting with the world beyond the walls of Children’s Hospital. I love how the program helps patients connect their hopes and dreams with real people living out their dreams.

Robin Tarbi
– Social Worker

Over the course of the friendship, I saw her find confidence, hope, and enjoyment of her days. Seeing her thrive made it easier for her nurses and doctors to interact with her and find breakthroughs themselves. I believe Connecting Champions is not a want-to-have for our patients and families, it’s a need-to-have.

Dr. Andrew Bukowinski
– Pediatric Hematologist/Oncologist

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all. A referral is just an opportunity for the patient (and parent/guardian if they’re under 18) to learn more about the program and, if they’re interested in participating, sharing more about what they’re passionate about!

Within the next work day, we will reach out to the patient or parent (if the patient is under 18) to set up a video call. We begin by sharing more about the program and answer any questions they have. If they’re interested in participating, we dive into what they’re passionate and immediately begin the search for a local mentor! The mentor search typically takes four weeks. We will make sure to share updates with you as the friendship grows!

All mentors undergo a rigorous eligibility process including an application, interview, reference check, and state required background checks.

A Connecting Champions employee is on every single video meeting between the child/young adult and their mentor, so the child/young adult will never be alone. For minors, we also ask that a parent/guardian is on the call or at least in the room.

Although the mentor experience is specifically for the child or young adult fighting cancer, oftentimes siblings are included on the virtual calls, with the activity kits, and are always welcome to participate in our different club meetings (STEM club, art club, cooking club, etc.).

It does not matter what stage the patient is in during the cancer journey. Whether they were just diagnosed or are 10 years out of treatment, we are here and ready to find a mentor! We serve ages 3-26.

We have an extensive network of volunteers who are ready to help. We also have an employee dedicated toward finding mentors in all parts of the country so we can find someone who doesn’t just match the child/young adult’s interests, but also their personality.

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