Join us for a star-studded space adventure

celebrating Connecting Champions’ friendships throughout the years.

Thursday, December 15, 2022
7pm EST

The date of this event has changed from 11/17 to 12/15. Questions? Email

Emceed by Sean Nolan,
teen cancer survivor & Connecting Champions alumni

This year, Connecting Champions is taking a trip to the cosmos as we host “Toast to Our Stars” – a virtual event celebrating kids and young adults with cancer that we’ve been helping for over a decade! We’ll be traveling to the final frontier to share Connecting Champions’ stories that are out of this world.

We’ll spotlight some of our special friendships, including the connection between our young adult, Ben, and his mentor, Doug Ellison, a Mars Rover Camera Operator at NASA. During the Toast, join us as we explore our solar system and take a live look at the Red Planet! 

Don’t miss out on more superstar friendships featuring recording artist Ross and mentee Chaka and an exotic car friendship with Rowan & Joe!

Everyone who attends the Toast will receive a “mystery toast box” at their doorstep that includes a drink, pastry, and other celestial items for the entire family. Here’s the catch: Don’t open it until the event! We’ll launch our celebration when the International Space Station hits 7:00 p.m. ET (11:00 p.m. UTC), then everyone can open their boxes and enjoy the stellar items inside. Strap in for an adventure as our emcee, Sean, leads us through the Stars of the Connecting Champions universe!

Individual Ticket + Toast Box – $25
Couples Ticket + Toast Box – $40
Family Ticket + Toast Box – $40
Connecting Champions families – free

Two easy ways to celebrate:

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Each ticket comes with a mystery box (for individuals, couples, or families) and an option to donate a box to a kid in Connecting Champions.

Can't join? You can still support the kids!

Even if you cannot join the Toast to the Stars, you can still support the kids & young adults in Connecting Champions with your donation!

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