Featured Friendships

Ezra dreams of one day being in space. With the help of his mentor, Jordan, the sky’s the limit for our future astronaut.
– Space Explorer
Age: 9
Eden loves decorating cakes and hopes to one day be a professional baker and cake decorator. After meeting Rita, she found someone who matches her passion.
– Cake Decorator
Age: 12
Isabelle loves learning new things from her mentor, Anita. Whether she is getting information from a PowerPoint virtually or visiting a cat clinic in-person, Isabelle learns something new every time she talks to Anita.
– Vet tech
Age: 20
Cooper’s dream is to be one of the next great authors. His mentor, author and recipient of the 2016 Oklahoma Book Award Alton, is helping him reach those goals!
– Author
Age: 9
Jordan dreams of one day being able to go to work and talk about sports live on-air all day. When he got paired with Dan from the Washington Wild Things, we knew this would open the door to a multitude of possibilities for Jordan.
– Sports Broadcaster
Age: 24
Myla and her mentor, Georgetown student Caroline, love simply having fun. Whether they are completing their unicorn sticker book together or playing “Myla Trivia,” a jeopardy game all about Myla, created by Myla, these two friends can always be found smiling when they’re together.
– Friend role model
Age: 10

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