Cybersecurity- Law Enforcement of the Future!

Meet Thomas! 

Thomas loves both technology and helping people, so the field of cybersecurity suits him perfectly! We introduced Thomas to Scott, cybersecurity expert for Highmark Health. They met at Scott’s office where Scott invited two other heads of department to talk about their work and experiences. Thomas had plenty of questions and was excited to learn about what it takes to succeed in this field of work. They discussed the history of their department and what each of their responsibilities are in the company. 

They even put together a backpack full of surprises and gear for Thomas! We got a tour of the building and got to see where each of the different departments does their work, and Scott invited Thomas to come back and shadow for a day, which Thomas was really excited about! So, stay tuned for more Cybersecurity adventures! 

Activity Kits

National Geographic Science Magic Kit

​Help 8-year-old Joe

Future Scientist

Get a science experiment kit to explore with his mentor!

​Help 9-year-old Myla

Future Artist

Get art supplies to create with her mentor!

Help 23-year-old Erik

Future Coffee Barista

Get coffee supplies to learn how to create specialty drinks with his mentor!

The pandemic showed many people what social isolation is really like. It also showed there are many other great ways to connect. That’s why we launched our activity kits. These mailed out packages provide fun activities for our mentors and kids/young adults to do together — virtually.

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