The KSWA Wrestlers were no match for Kelsey!

Don’t let that pep in her step and sparkle in her eye fool you– Kelsey is one fierce girl! When she’s not cheering with the Pitt Cheerleaders, she’s behind the scenes with the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance taking on some of their strongest wrestlers! 


Kelsey was recently featured as the guest of honor at KSWA wrestling event! She was invited to arrive early for a behind the scenes tour of the facility where she met many of the night’s stars, including The Face of Pittsburgh, BroHemoth, Mitch, The Jester, Sly Scarpone, and others. She was able to check out the ring (and of course bounced around a bit!), hold the championship belts, and meet the owner! Kelsey and her dad had special reserved seats for the big event, and the crowd even joined in on cheering for her in her own fight against cancer! 

We’re not sure who had more fun– the wrestlers or Kelsey! Regardless, all parties are looking forward to meeting again for more wrestling fun in the future, so stay tuned! 


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