Sidney Kushner

Founder & Executive Director

Sidney grew up in Pittsburgh and founded Connecting Champions as a 19-year-old in memory of his friend Lauren. He graduated with a degree in Applied Mathematics from Brown University and was named a top 100 student entrepreneur in the nation by Stanford University. He has been honored in Pittsburgh’s inaugural class of 30 Under 30, featured in Harvard Business Review and Forbes, and highlighted as a guest writer in Pittsburgh Magazine. He also enjoys building specialized Outcomes Reporting software and Donor Databases for nonprofits in Pittsburgh.

Fun Fact:

“One day in high school, my psychology teacher gave us a challenge: whoever memorized the most digits of Pi (the mathematical number) in one day would win an actual pie from the teacher! I really wanted that pie, so I went home and memorized as many numbers as I possibly could. In class the following day I remembered 101 digits!

…my teacher forgot the pie.”

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