Happy Halloween from Princess Avery!

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Avery wants to be a princess when she grows up. After Izzy and Nicole, two then-University of Pittsburgh students and Little Champs role models, met Avery, they weren’t convinced she wasn’t already a princess! Avery is as sweet and friendly as a child can be, and she wasted no time introducing Izzy and Nicole to her favorite things – barbies, board games, and manicures!

Avery has spent many wonderful mornings with her little champs role models, playing games and getting manicures. She even convinced her dad to get a manicure, too! Avery looks forward to her visits with Izzy and Nicole as much as they look forward to visiting with Avery!

Special shout to these three people: Izzy is in PA school at Marietta College. Nicole is a fifth-year Master’s student at Pitt, and Avery is back in Elementary school!


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