Noah and Steve


By: Teresa Dietrich
Music production has become an increasingly salient aspect of modern life: the popularity of music platforms and ease of streaming has ensured that the majority of people incorporate music into their daily life. But not everyone who listens to music is as passionate about it as our champion Noah. Noah is interested not only in the aesthetics of music, but in the technicalities of music composition and production. Knowing this, we matched him with mentor Steve, a music producer well versed in the ins and outs of music tech and production.

The two talked harmoniously for much longer than Steve had planned to be there, sharing music they’d written and discussing the difficulties of writing music for films. Steve was happy to share with Noah his own experiences with the music industry, and Noah listened raptly, tuned in to the opportunity to learn more about his future career. 

Steve and Noah also delved into the heart of music, speaking about the emotional impact music has on people and how this both inspires their own music careers and influences their musical interests. The technical and emotional sides of music play off of each other and contribute to the rich world of music production, a world in which Noah sees himself playing a part in the future.

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